Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


I woke up early this morning and watched some videos of musicians playing on youtube. When my wife returned from her yoga class, we went to Elke's Market Cafe for lunch. I had a Carribean wrap (chicken and a bit of salsa in a wrap) and a cup of green chile pork soup. On the way to lunch, I got 2 books mailed off to folks through I am up to 90+ points now. When I get a 100 or 2, I will begin donating points to rural libraries and prison reading charities.

We went to Erwin Park in McKinney and walked among the wildflowers. Here's a sample of the Indian Paintbrush:

Indian paintbrush

My wife saw an eastern bluebird, but I only saw butterflies.

Today is an early voting day, so we decided to go home and research our candidates for the city council, school board and community college board elections. After weeding out those against mass transit or otherwise hewing to a doctrinaire position not in keeping with our town's needs, we had our "whom to select" list ready. We went and voted. Almost nobody else was early voting.
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