Robert (gurdonark) wrote,



a. Disney's "Oceans" movie--wonderful visuals, gentle, understated narration, and good old-fashioned classical-influenced movie music. Favorite parts: shrimp, cuttlefish and penguins.

b. successfully sold 17 chess books on eBay. failed to sell collectible elizabeth delvine king metaphysics book, circa 1918.

c. trying out Bird's Defense to the Ruy Lopez in an on-line postal chess game at It's quirky, it's fun, it's nearly sound, and I am playing an obscure line of it. I may lose, but I will lose with swagger. in other news, my boisterous Stonewall Attack somehow turned into a quiet way to win a pawn and push into an endgame, so I am less valorous knight (on e5) than quiet pawn-grabber.

d. my video for Joe Tom and Van is at 100 views, and Mandolin Love is at 130. I am about to work on a more elaborate stick animation.

e. Saturday afternoon I plan to make music with computer software.

f.'s decision to end on-demand streaming was not to my taste, but the radio stations can be truly sublime. I am listening to "protestant work ethic" station now, and the folk-inflected pop is delightful.

g. speaking of delightful, I bought a CD of guitar transcriptions of Satie at half-priced books. The same guitarist, a fellow from NC, also has a CD of Mompou's works for guitar, which CD i may wish to get.

h. I seem to be indulging tiny guilty pleasures these days, like bite-sized snickers and Kesha's video for "Tik Tok".

i. I like on-line Scrabble, though I am not all that good at it.

j. my nasturtiums from seed germinated and are growing every day, and I hope they bloom in a few weeks.

k. we had a delightful evening with tx_cronopio last night. My wife cooked a tenderloin, and we watched the project runway finale.

l. I've got my bookmooch points up to 72 now. When I get a really big number, I'll start giving points to charity.

m. I put 4 gummi bears on my frozen yogurt tonight.

n. everywhere: flowers and songbirds

o. my dogs like me.

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