Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

choreographed robot dancers

A restful, quiet Sunday. I put 17 of my chess books in an eBay auction. I am pleased that the auction has 2 bids as of now. The auction runs for a single day, as I want to get them shipped out. Also, when I place books on Book Mooch, they are taken quickly. I am shipping out 8 or so books this morning. I am determined to reduce clutter in my life, starting with my abundant books. I now have ~70 Book Mooch points.

14 chess  books larger

At lunch time, we went to Market Street supermarket to eat lunch in their dining area. When we arrived, college-age women approached us at the front entrance, as they were collecting for the local food bank.
We asked them what they needed, and they gave us the answer "diapers". I do not believe I ever bought diapers
before, so it was a new experience for me. It turns out they come in sizes like 2, 3, 4, and 5. I liked the baby in the top hat on the 3 size diapers. The young women were appreciative, but it takes a lot more effort to stand outside a grocery on a rainy Sunday than it does to put diapers in a shopping cart.

I had a nice long instant message visit via Skype with my sister, focused on my niece and nephew and hopes for the future, and a nice chat via telephone with my dad, focused on geology. I wore my pair of shoes from Tom's. We watched an artist named Ke$sha on Saturday Night Live, who did a very stylized choreography for her recent hit song. She managed to hit the notes on the song and stay in pace, which is an improvement over other recent twenty-something chart-toppers I've seen on television. Her backup dancers were faux robots in space suits, of which a picture would not add 1,000 words. I ate popcorn during a television show about volcanic activity, and read about house concerts and pre-raphaelites. The daisies in our front yard are blooming.

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