Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

fish and bird

Today I went with a young friend to fish in Bonham Lake. We did not catch anything, though we did get some nibbles.
We saw mallards and Canada geese swimming. Here is a female mallard:

female mallard duck

During the hour-long drive to and from Bonham, we saw seas of yellow ragwort (groundsel) blooms, and decent area rugs of
bluebonnets. We also saw lots of cute goats and horses.

We stopped by downtown Farmersville to look about a bit. Then we went to Big Daddy's BBQ, which is in a fairly rural setting. We really enjoyed our chopped beef sandwich.

We drove to Lake Lavon dam. Sadly, an oxygen lack had led to a fish kill there. It is never good to see floating fish corpses. A kind fisherman explained to us that the fish needed oxygen, but that the Corps of Engineers has not yet flooded in more water. He also told us about catfishing in Montana for large catfish.

We noticed a wild animal sanctuary nearby. We found dozens of big cats housed there--lions, lynx, civet cat, cougars, tigers, bobcat and
and out-of-place coatimundi.

We were in disbelief when we found that some folks had tried to keep bobcats as house pets, or thought big cats were ideal yard pets. We were amused to see this affectionate lioness:

a man pets a lion at a sanctuary near lake lavon

We admired the work that sanctuary did. I marveled at how well-meaning pet owners make the poor choice to own an exotic cat, when the common housecat is such a wonderful pet.

After I dropped off my friend, I stopped by Half-Priced Books and bought a little book of zen sayings. I have been using Book Mooch, lately to give away books and get "points' to get other books.
I plan to build my point count high and then donate it to a charity that gives books to prisoners or a small town Texas library near my office.
I enjoyed reading the zen sayings, knowing that I would not have an attachment to the book.

In the late afternoon, I kept a promise to myself. I resolved to try an experiment in which I would have a seat in one place near nature and just watch for an hour.
I went to Highlands Park, near Lake Lavon. I sat on a picnic table and just watched the outdoors and saw what passed by for a single hour, without getting up. It was fun. I saw several great blue herons and great egrets, I saw tons of swallows in mid-air, chasing insects. I saw a raptor for whom I must hit the books to identify. It flew by me.

Not everything was 'mutual of omaha wild kingdom fodder. I liked this big white vintage Cadillac I could easily see from my seat on a parking-lot picnic table.

old caddy by the lake

I saw tons of daisies, and this charming blue-eyed grass:

blue-eyed grass wildflower

The hour flew by! There was so much all around me--a red-bellied woodpecker, a flock of cedar waxwings, and birdsong everywhere.
I will do that "sit still for an hour and watch" again and again. When the hour was up, I got up an saw an eastern bluebird way up high on a bare tree branch.

Today was a very good day, and I am glad to have lived it.

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