Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

rookery and milkweed

Last night my computer would not power up. I surprised myself with the vehemence of my feelings of frustration and at my chosen terms to express that frustration. I played "snake" on my cherrypal instead. I love old games from the dawn of consumer computers.

I got up at dawn and watched animated shorts on youtube. I also watched a special about the LDS church and a part of an episode of History Detectives about whether a gadget was from the Hindenburg.

I took my computer to MicroCenter this morning to get warranty work done.

We went to the Heard Natural Science Center for a hike. My favorite part was an egret and heron rookery high in a tree. I estimate we saw more than a dozen nests, attended by diligent parents. We saw turtles as well:

red slider turtle in sepia tint

and lots of wildflowers. The annual native plant sale was on. I got hens and chicks, the succulent plant.

Micro Center fixed my computer by four--a simple power supply replacement. We picked it up, and then went to Northhaven gardens in Dallas. This wonderful locally-owned nursery is a great place to shop. We bought a milkweed, to follow up on an article I read that monarch butterflies need milkweed to help with habitat destruction. I was pleased we saw monarchs at the Heard.

We went to Fish City on Knox-Henderson for a quite good dinner, and then to the yogurt shop next door. The yogurt was good, but not as good as our local DIY shops. We came home, and I listed more books at I like that service.

My computer is up and running, better than ever. I am delighted.

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