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groundsel and daw

We rose early to go to the 8 a.m. Easter Service at Custer Road United Methodist Church with my brother. The Easter service was very nice--featuring a woodwind ensemble, a nice pipe organ, a huge choir, traditional Cokesbury hymns and an excellent old-fashioned southern-style country-preacher-mode sermon. We had hoped to see our nephew, now 18, in the choir, but he had a spot of illness and had to head home before the service began.

My wife and I drove next to the Allen Cafe, the traditional breakfast-and-lunch cafe in town. I had a bowl of oatmeal, which I combined with raisins, milk and brown sugar. My wife had scrambled eggs and sausage. Then we headed home.

We largely rested during the afternoon. I made myself sandwiches of provolone on rye. My wife was too full from breakfast to eat lunch. My wife drove to a garden store and bought some violas and marigolds for our containers. I drove to Guitar Center and bought a digital audio workstation called Presonus Studio One Pro. She planted the flowers. I managed to get the new software to install, and to figure out how to sequence melodies in the sampler. The new software offers lots of new options for making music, which will take some time to learn, but I am impressed so far. I also posted a number of book to Book Mooch, to try to thin my large herd of reading material. Several were "mooched" already.

I took a walk at Oak Point Park in the late afternoon. I saw a red-bellied woodpecker, a lovely American kestrel, a shoveler duck and a red-tailed hawk. The Caddo Trail in the woods was full of wildflowers.

groundsel false garlic texas

false garlic 2

Tonight my wife cooked London broil and a baked potato. We watched "The Keys to the Kingdom" on TV. We had a pleasant Easter. We did not eat a chocolate bunny.

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