Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

crazy heart

After work, we took a walk around our neighborhood. Grackles abounded, exuberant in the warm air. A rabbit bounded away just as we came within a few feet of it.

We went to see the film "Crazy Heart", which we enjoyed. I had expected the movie to remind me of "Tender Mercies", given the similar plot, but Jeff Bridges' performance instead seemed more akin to a less dark version of "The Wrestler". I thought this one of Maggie Gylenhaal's better roles. The music made me want to go hear Texana songs, which, given my locale, is a do-able goal.

We went to Hibachi Rock for sushi, but left without ordering. A very talented but too loud soul/gospel band
was playing just a few feet from the sushi bar. We went down the street to the other sushi place in Bethany.
I was pleased when we arrived to find gentle minimal techno music playing. The over-worked sushi chef was not quick in getting our order together, though. Suddenly, the restaurant was playing blaringly loud hip-hop music. The songs were actually pretty good, but the room's acoustic set-up did not support the volume level, leading to a kind of "live EQ" problem that distorted and clipped the high ends of the sound. My wife asked about the sound level. The waitress said "we become a bar at 10". It was after 10, all right. We did not get served for some time. I wished we had stuck to my initial suggestion that we get BBQ at the swift and serviceable Barbecutie's. Yet the sushi chef made it all right with great sushi, and the songs were not bad. Our little suburb lacked "nightlife", so it was fun to see a little sushi place turn into a hip hop club. As we neared the end of our stay there, perhaps the world's tiniest dry ice machine began to operate, something like a humidifier crossed with scentless mentholatum vapor rub. We ate eel roll while a drum n bass song pounded.

I believe I live a life much like a minimal downtempo techno instrumental, in a world in autotuned with melodyne software to a [perfect] frenzied pitch I never achieve.

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