Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Texas wildflowers and cedar waxwings

Late this afternoon I went to the nature trail beside Towne Lake Park in McKinney. I saw a ruby-crowned kinglet (Regulus calendula) high in a tree, with the blaze of brilliant color showing. I have been seeing this bird several times in the past few months, but not been sure of its identification. The male's Spring color let me "see" it properly. I also saw a yellow-rumped warbler and a passel of cedar waxwings.
The woods were somewhat muddy, such that I had to detour off path a time or two. I found myself in fields of blooming false garlic and ragwort (groundsel). I also saw grape hyacinth, dandelion flowers, and various small wild violas.

When I arrived home, I walked the dogs past the pond, where the weather was sublime and a small bird flitted in the trees.

During the afternoon, I finished my simple stop-action clay figurine animation, and sent it to a friend to soundtrack. I will do another one of those someday soon, now that I am getting my bearings. This one was pretty rough, but I am improving. I love designing the little characters, though; a kind of act of sub-creation.

My wife made wonderful cheese panini sandwiches for dinner. We are watching an interview with a wise reporter about the problems with regulation of our financial system. I'd like to hear better plans than anyone has proposed thus far.

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