Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

moon, sunset, and sunset

My wife went to the DC suburbs of Virginia this weekend to attend one of her oldest friend's 50th birthday.
I stayed behind with the dogs. Friday night I worked on a remix for ccmixter's march secret mixter party, a process in which each person is assigned someone else to remix, secret-santa style, with all the mixes posted in a 24 hour stretch a few weeks down the road. Sunday was the upload date, so I worked Friday on a remix called "Giant Sloth". I prefer to use sound samples from other artists to write my own songs, and I prefer not to use loops from other artists' work where possible. "Giant Sloth", though, sounded as if it had been absorbed in the tar pit. On Saturday, I did a different song, called "Charles the Cat", a pleasant but by no means impressive little bit of soundtrack material, dedicated to a Siamese housecat who lived in the 1930s and 1940s in the UK. I created it by morphing the samples and then linking them into a pastiche of sorts.

Saturday afternoon I drove with a young friend to Denton's Recycled Books and Records, about a 45 minute drive away. I had not been there in years. It's a great store, located in the 1901 building that used to be the opera house. I got a book on exotic cactus, a Harry Partch CD, a German lute music CD and a CD of piano pieces, each 60 seconds in length. my young friend got a metal CD and a book about a metal band. We ate lunch at Raphael's on 380, one of my favorite metroplex Tex/Mex restaurants.

Saturday night I rented Duncan Jones' film "Moon", a very good film which proved once more the general rule that sci fi films do best when the ideas predominate over expensive special effects. Sunday morning when I awoke to face the day, three inches of snow had fallen. I rented Richard Linklater's "Before Sunrise", which I enjoyed so much that this afternoon, I rented its sequel, "Before Sunset". Both Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy do a great job in capturing places and times and the paradox of everything.

Sunday afternoon I shot some more footage for the stop-action animation I am working upon, using characters made from RoseArt modeling clay (next time I will, as suggested, use plasticine). I "filmed" a very small animated bird in flight, with less than perfect success. My goal was to make this film 3 minutes, although I may choose to go to 2 if it begins to drag. I am getting a grasp around my theme, prompted in part, no doubt by something Julie Delpy said in the sequel--that we must all do what we can do.

My dress belt gave up the ghost today. After I stopped by Whichwhich for a sandwich, I stopped in a discount clothes store and got 2 new belts. I also got a pair of blue jeans and a print shirt on sale. Tonight Congress is passing the health care bill, which I favor because I do not think that our nation can afford to continue in the current path, spending 15 percent of GDP on health care while other countries spend 10.
I anticipate that further improvement to the health care system will be required, and that this current proposed system will need to be fine-tuned, but this is a beginning.

I did laundry this afternoon and readied the house for my wife's return. We dined tonight on paninis and chicken noodle soup.

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