Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

My 99 dollar cherrypal netbook computer

Cherrypal Africa warming up

In January I saw an internet coverage about the Cherrypal Africa, a 99 dollar netbook computer. I filled out the order from at the Cherrypal website to order one. Soon after I filled out the form, but before I sent the check, I ran into some negative internet posts about the Cherrypal company's ability to fulfill its orders. After reading up, I determined that Cherrypal looked like a one-man shop. I dropped that man an e-mail and asked for adequate assurance that Cherrypal was in a position to perform.I got a reply e-mail which candidly described some past problems, but promised that my order could be fulfilled. As some of the negative internet posters seemed more strident than the situation demanded, I decided to take a chance. I wanted to get a Linux-based computer. This seemed like a fun way to try one.

This week my Cherrypal Africa arrived. It's a 7-inch bit of fun. Here are some pictures:

My Cherrypal Africa netbook, exterior from the top

screen on my Cherrypal Africa

A bluebird on my Cherrypal Africa screen from my flickr account

descriptors on the keyboard of my Cherrypal Africa

Here is what I wrote on my flickr set for these pictures:

"My Cherrypal Africa cost me 99 dollars for the computer, plus about 18 dollars for shipping.
I ordered my Cherrypal Africa on January 15, 2010. My check arrived in the mail at Cherrypal on January 22. I received my computer on March 9 or so.
The computer came with the computer itself and a power cord, with no instructions. No instructions were necessary, as it's very user-friendly. The computer has the following descriptions on it:

E700 Linux series
380 mhz
2 GB flash
7 inch wVGA
802.11 B/G

The computer has the following icons:

Image Gallery
Word processor
PDF Viewer
Star dictionary
Music player
media player (plays a .mov video fine)
IM chat
e mail
paint brusher (a paint/drawing program)
ebook reader
internet browser (works slowly but well)
text writer

The programs are intuitive. The look of the icons is very Windows, but my understanding is that since I did not pay for Windows CE, these are all open source software. The computer even comes with a couple of games.

I was able to connect to the internet via my wireless system at home. The speed is serviceable for surfing, though slow by the standards of my normal laptop or desktop.
Thus far, it appears to me that it will not run flash animation.

It's not a speed demon, but it's what it claims to be--a basic 99 dollar computer".

I'm trying to download one of my songs from Jamendo now. It's doing it, but slowly.
I suspect I'll import music and video through a flash drive, as there are 2 ports for USB.

I must also learn how to install programs to the computer. It has very little memory, but I hope to install a very
light digital audio workstation and a Logo program.

I believe I'll use this computer for times I want to be near the internet, but don't want to lug my better laptop.

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