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We went for dinner to Trinity Hall, the new-ish branch of an Irish pub, not far from our home. We sat too near the singer, though we were fortunate in that he was a very good singer. He sang a Bobby Sands lyric to the tune of "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". The fellow was eager to explain to us, a bit, about Bobby Sands. I spared him my knowledge and my thoughts about Bobby Sands. The world is not one great name-drop, nor need every stop for pub food spark a debate. I almost asked for "The Skye Boat Song", about a different revolution in a different, near but distant land. Instead, I ate fruit from my fruit cup.

I put my TV on the channel in which one tries to rent movies on-line. I was hunting for the Joy Division documentary. I could not find it. I did find that IFC featured a great Julien Temple documentary about Joe Strummer. I never consider the Clash one of my favorite bands. I consider many bands of that era [my era, if you will] regressive rather than propulsive. Yet I love a lot of Clash songs, and found the narrative about Strummer fascinating. I liked the part when a journalist asked Mick Jones "Are you discouraged by the rock’n'roll business?’, and he replies ‘It’s no worse than any other prostitution business". I also like the part when Joe Strummer explains how he suddenly "got" techno music.

Last night I walked in a park full of robins. They all went about their business of hunting food with a thoughtful assiduousness. I saw a bluebird in a tree--he was lovely. I went to federal court this morning to see a young lawyer who joined our office get sworn in. Tomorrow they think it will rain.


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