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Garland, Texas winter 2010

Thursday the DFW airport recorded 11.2 inches of snow. This proved to be a single-day all-time record amount of snowfall. The new record exceeded the old record by several inches.

We get a few inches of snow or ice every year. This particular snow had many advantages over our usual winter precipitation. The snow did not make the roads particularly icy. The snow was soft, lovely, and snowman-ready. Through driving at a measured pace, I was able to make it into my office yesterday morning without hassle or incident. The drive, past riparian woods on Spring Creek and Shiloh Road, took me past lovely trees trimmed with ice as well as rich fields of white.

During the lunch hour, I went to Troth Ablon Park, about five minutes from my office. When I arrived, I found that somebody had built a nice snowman:

Snowman at Troth Abion Park, Garland, Texas

I enjoyed walking around and taking pictures, as well as watching cardinal birds forage for food.

female cardinal on snowy branch in texas

The woods had a nice "feel" about them:

Troth Abion Park, Garland, Texas, February 12, 2010

Stream at Troth Abion Park, Garland, Texas, Febuary 2010

Last night we stayed in and watched the Olympics opening ceremony. We quite enjoyed the creative stage show, and in particular the orca, prairie and maple leaf portions. We liked K.D. Lang's take on Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". We felt sad about the loss of a young Georgian luge contestant in an incident on a difficult run. We liked the finery of the native prairie first people. My wife was pleased that she understood most of the French spoken. I was pleased to see so many small delegations from unlikely countries for winter sports.

Saturday I hope to enjoy the last of the snow. The weather forecast predicts a warmer afternoon. Texas snow is like a sunbeam--when you look away, it departs.

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