Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

february [mind]storms

The Physics of Germination

"We are out of turkey", the kind woman at the Boston Market came over and whispered. She knew I usually order turkey. I ordered vegetables and chicken tortilla soup, hold the tortilla chips and cheese. I read about geometric designs and computer language. My camera arrived from Canon, delightfully repaired. The rain fell.
I watched the season finale of "Heroes", which this season held my full attention. I served as referee in a minor tiff between my dogs. A slight chill hovered in the air. The chess federation website proved user-friendly when I renewed my membership. My thoughts wrapped around a few work-related ideas like a constrictor. I read up on cedar waxwings and endangered butterflies. I opened new, used books. The unopened cord was on my credenza. I wondered if something was a memory or a dream.

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