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diamonds go marching in

great blue heron 2 2010 2

We had a great visit with my Dad and his wife in Arkansas this weekend. We drove down Friday night, eating dinner at a great Tex/Mex place in Mount Pleasant called Senorita's. Saturday morning my Dad and I had a nice chat. He showed us his diamond detecter. If you touched a diamond with its point, then a little beep emitted and a light came on.

We went to an estate sale with my father's wife Saturday afternoon. The decedent left few belongings, other than numerous shoes. I did not buy anything, but it was nice to see the women who ran the sale, each of whom I know slightly. We stopped by the Four Seasons nursery as well, whose interior was filled with nice curios.

Saturday afternoon I drove to Poison Spring State Park. Amid cool weather I walked in a quiet piney woods.
I saw a red-bellied woodpecker. I also saw starlings and doves.

Sunday we drove back home. I went with a friend to Oak Point Preserve, where we saw cedar waxwings, mallard ducks, and a lovely great blue heron. We stopped by Entertainment Mart, where we looked at used CDs. My friend had brought a CD by Five Fingered Death Punch. We were listening along, when I realized that the track playing was a cover of Bad Company's song "Bad Company'. As one might predict I said "wait...I used to listen to this song....when I was 15 years old!". We ate soft tacos.

My wife and I watched the Who play at halftime in the Super Bowl, and then watched the suspenseful game conclusion. Both teams looked grand. The mails brought a Flip video camera I got cheaply on eBay.
This was a fun weekend.

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