Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

rainbow talk

Beatrice, Puggle on a Mission

That fellow Conan Doyle spent an awful lot of time studying scarlet. I don't mean literal scarlet, as after all, the colors included a red-headed league, five orange pips and something or other indigo. I cannot help but imagine that the study of onyx and obsidian would have been more satisfying. It's a sad state of affairs indeed when all the dark colors are reserved for moors and crazed killer animals.

I graduated from high school, in 1977, the year some of my livejournal friends were born. I chose as my class ring stone the black onyx, because my birthstone, the peridot, was only available in "manufactured stone" form.
That was the year gold was very expensive, and the ring salesman tried to get us to buy palladium. We felt wise to decline--years later, palladium became extremely valuable. I wear a college ring, festooned with a razorback hog, the mascot of the University of Arkansas. My college ring has a periodot, a lovely August green. I once found a periodot at a diamond mine, but I suspect it was seeded in. My black dog loves a white hippo toy.

My dentist visit went well, except my blood pressure reading came in high. I must schedule an appointment to get that checked out. I'm already absorbing new Logo ideas. I hope to see a break in the clouds and a new day tomorrow.

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