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on time

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Is there ever a good time?, I wonder rhetorically. The power went out three times as I tried to finish my work today. The rain looked benign and friendly. It packed a wallop. I love the way my back-up battery on my work desktop kicked into high gear. I sat in the dark illumined by the light of a display screen.

Is there ever a good time? I watch as the weather hovers between forecasts of freezing rain and forecasts of above-freezing rain. I bid on an eBay auction for a small camera. I might as well collect thimbles.
I think about a lecture by a poet I will not attend. I imagine brass bands and dawn trips to the vet's office to pick up dog chow.

Is there ever a good time? We watch the movie Barbershop once more, and revel in the "It's a Wonderful Life" message it projects.
We watch on Project Runway as a model throws a designer under the bus needlessly. Can't we all just get along? Is there ever a good time?

Is there ever enough time? I am not always good at space/time. A friend writes me a kind note to tell me that three of my songs are featured in a workshop of a play tonight, out in southern California.
I wish I could see/hear it, but I am playing with my camera, and looking at indoor African violets in shy bloom.

Is there ever a good time? Three in the morning, perhaps. Time for a fig newton and a glass of milk. Time in the Pink Floyd song. Time enough for, well, everything. Does anybody really know?


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