Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

oil change place

I liked the fellow. He must have been about ninety. He and I waited for our cars to get their oil changed. Both our cars took longer than the hoped-for fifteen minutes. He told me that his wife's Cadillac had 75,000 miles on it after eleven years of use. He had checked with his son-in-law the car enthusiast to make sure that getting the transmission fluid changed at 75,000 miles was reasonable. By coincidence, I needed my own transmission fluid changed. We shared a kind of transmission-fluid-camaraderie in that.

He told me that he used to drive a lot for business. Back then, Goodyear gave him free tires for experimental purposes. He reported to Goodyear every five thousand miles to get the tires checked for wear. These were in the days when tires only lasted 20,000 miles. He recalled feeling lucky that he had saved his original tires in his garage, when the day came that Goodyear discontinued the program.

He and I talked about the economy and durability of Hyundai cars, because I drive a Hyundai. He told me that Toyota was in a lot of trouble. Later that day, I learned that an acceleration problem led Toyota to stop selling its most popular models until they figure it out. When the cars were finished, I noticed they sold him a lot of services. I wondered a bit about it. I was not chagrined, because I suspected the car needed them. The car looked crackerjack, though, as if it were showroom new. When I drove away, I saw him in the parking lot, checking his invoice.

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