Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Bad Poetry doth a Bad First Novel Paragraph Make

To resume the literary plot. I have for some months been inspired by how often good prose can be "altered" into even better poetry. I had some fun with this some months ago, and need to send that project to completion, as all the words work in my little notion is done, and it's just an art and decor matter.

But yesterday, I was intrigued with how my own poetry, which I'll charitably call bad, might make an excellent bad first paragraph to a bad novel. I know some folks enter into the Bulwer-Lytton contest, where folks compete to see who has the best worst bad first novel paragraph. But I have my own LJ, and need not await any contest judges' view. Here is my own personal bad first paragraph, which is a prosaicism of a bad poem posted in my memories section:

"I tearfully tried to sacrifice on the mountain. The myrhh was scented, by mechanical processes I never understand, with an additional enigmatic lilac tinge, a sweet impurity. The formerly jagged path up the mountain was fully automated now. The digital sin-stripped angel told me to go home, and that my offering was obsolete".

Now that is the best of bad first paragraphs. I believe it will be the first portion of a religious sci fi, in which benevolent aliens convert post-modern humanity to a new faith, and then everyone goes bowling.

I must begin my novel soon. I see a real future in this.
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