Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

wamer days

I woke at an an hour not far removed from midnight and did legal research for a while. This afternoon I eschewed football viewing at half-time. I dined on chicken and broccoli at Tien An Mien Wok n Grill.
The weather turned warm and lovely, so that I drove back to Oak Point Park and took a long walk in the 64 degree weather.

I saw a great blue heron by the pond shore, who remained stationary for a long time.
Great Blue Heron Postage Stamp

I enjoyed the stark coloration of the Winter fields.
Oak Point Stamp

A pair of mallards swam in the pond.
Duck Stamp (mallard)

When I got home, my wife and I took our dogs for a walk. We saw blue jay, and then heard his cry of "Jay!" resonate. We saw ducks and geese in the pond. As I sat at my computer, back in the house, I could see a hawk from my window. I love Winter days like this.

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