Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

2 owls and a stylophone

Today the weather warmed a bit, to the 50s fahrenheit. I put on a fleece and a western-style straw hat and went to Oak Point Preserve around noon. The wind proved a bit chilly, but I still got in a nice walk. I saw lots of birds--eastern bluebirds, red-bellied woodpeckers, a red-tailed hawk, and a good number of sparrows. I was hampered a bit by having worn photogray glasses (my "second string" set), but I had a great time.

I picked up some books at Big Lots, which uncharacteristically had a small but good book selection. I ate BBQ at Barbecutie's restaurant. Then my wife and I drove to a local postal station. I had gotten a 12x optical zoom camera for Christmas, but its LCD screen developed a problem. We shipped it off to the factory for repair. I also corresponded with a netbook manufacturer from whom I hope to buy a value netbook. The exchange was quite satisfying, reminding me why I like to buy from small vendors and manufacturers when possible.

We walked our dogs in the early evening, in weather markedly warmer. As our walk began, I thought I saw a huge owl descend from a branch. My view was quite fleeting, though, and I was not certain if I had seen an owl or a hawk. As dusk descended, though, we heard repeated "hoo's" from two owls. Soon we saw the owls themselves, atop the bare branches of a tree. Both were impressive. One was huge. We were glad to see them.
We had a few slices of cheese pizza at Brooklyn's Pizza.

We went to my brother and his wife's home to eat cake to celebrate my nephew's 18th birthday. I made a home-made card in Open Office Draw, using a logo sketch I programmed as the diagram, and using a cursive font in Open Office Text to write a note. We had our slice of cake, after which my nephew and his friends returned to a role-playing game. My brother's family gave me a belated Christmas present--the early electronic consumer musical instrument called the Stylophone. This little "pocket organ" delighted me. I had read about it on the internet.

When we arrived home, I had an e-mail from a photographer in Florida, who asked if he could use my "Winter Lights Tones and Drones Pack" from the White Cube REmix as the soundtrack to a video. I was delighted to say "yes, this is what Creative Commons is all about". I was very grateful to this kind man for letting me know and asking me anyway.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I am glad today went well.

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