Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

ordering logic

Work demands a lot of my time. I cannot complain. I find it interesting. I'm reading a series of short stories about the dynamics of marriage. My new ultra-zoom camera has a broken LCD. This breaks my heart, a little. I will ship it off to the factory.

Before the Primordial.

Despite the cold, I see the distant flutter of future butterflies, first sulphur, then, much later, swallowtail. In a few weeks they will flutter once more. I see wooden colored pencils on my floor. I enjoyed the movie "Wrist-cutters: A Love Story", though its central metaphor will not appeal to all. I love the sound of an early-music clarinet. Rain is coming soon. If I ask for diet coke, they say "is diet Pepsi ok?". If I ask for diet pepsi, they say "is diet coke ok?". I'll ask for diet sasparilla.
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