Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

frozen bea -versary

I drove to Houston Tuesday for several days of work-related travel. Although we worked steadily, I enjoyed the work, because I am blessed with bright and kind clients. The onset of 20 degree days in Houston brought on media frenzy on the local news about a HARD FREEZE. Although it's true that Houston's weather runs a bit warmer than ours in north Texas, and that they tend to get only an ice storm once in a while,the reaction by the local media amused due me to its stridency and up-to-the-minute news flashes about 18 degree, rainless evenings.

I enjoyed my drive to and from Houston. On the way down on Tuesday morning, I saw a belted kingfisher fishing as I drove. Kingfishers are such noble little birds, like something from a really cool cartoon. I also saw a very colorful kestrel. My drive back was a night drive, in which I listened to the radio do play-by-play of a lopsided small town girls' basketball contest between Hearne and Leon, and a country-western singer assured us that his devoted son said "dad, i want to be your buckaroo". Houston/Dallas night drive, 65 mph

I stopped by the Main Street Bakery in Corsicana, where the macaroons are heavenly. It was cookie monster country.

Today I figured out that today is the 4th Bea-versary, as we adopted our wonderful little black dog Bea on January 8, 2006. She slept last night like a person, with her body under the covers and her head resting above the colors. She's a jaunty little pal, still playful though her age, always uncertain, may now be as much as ten.

Today a young friend and I dressed extremely warmly and headed to nearby Towne Lake Park in McKinney. When we got there, we saw a mallard duck standing on a frozen lake. In one section, a huge throng of geese, ducks, gulls, coots and various other waterfowl swam in a little open circle amid the ice.

Waterfowl on half-frozen lake, McKinney, Texas January 2010

We watched chestnuts skitter across the icy lake in response to our throws.

We stopped by Half-Priced Books, where I bought an album of South American classical piano works, while my frend bought a CD by the band Korn. I introduced him to Robin Trower's Bridge of Sighs, the 1972 rock album I find surprisingly listenable after all these years, though my current view is that it needs more guitar, no vocals, more ethereal passages and perhaps some cowbell. But it was metal as we knew it in my youth.

We at lunch at Snuffer's, where my chicken burger was great, and my friend ordered a hamburger and jalapeno cheese fries. Then I drove home to face a restful afternoon.
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