Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Great Malls of the Plains and how we all curry favor

Our Kansas Christmas began over an Indian buffet with our dear friend Gene, who moved to Kansas City a year or so ago. We ate at a place called Rushi, which featured both north and south Indian cuisine. Then we went to a place in Olathe with a name like Great Mall of the Great Plains, which proved to have a name more illustrious than its shopping, except that we found a Book Warehouse store where I got two books on birding and a book about the history of folk music. We also found many delightful children's books for gifts.
In the evening, my wife and I had good conversations with her father and his wife, over a great home-made soup of chicken and vegetables.

Christmas Eve dawned with promises of impending snow. We managed to conclude our shopping--at a camera store, a jewelry store, and a FedEx office (for making prints), as well as a Target and a Pier One. Most of my shopping was already done. I had sent off food this year via internet "mail order" to a few places--Maine pumpkin whoopie cakes in one direction, a small quantity of caviar in another direction.

We stopped by a Super Cuts at day's end, where I instructed the kind cutter to use the dreaded number 3 shears, a shear reserved for sheep, Marines, and those whose hair, like mine, has too much body and not enough bikini. The haircut finished as the snow began.

It snowed and it snowed. It was lovely stuff. During the weekend, something between 7 and 9 inches of snow fell. I did not get to hike the park by Park University in Parkville. On Christmas Day we drove through fairly visible snow to rural Kansas, where the kind people who fed us raise elk and served beef tenderloin and home-smoked salmon. The meal was delightful.

The day after Christmas we gathered with more immediate family to open gifts and then have a nice dinner. That dinner featured a ham, wild duck, Swedish mustard ring, and a caramel cake. I enjoyed playing with my 4 year old niece and my 2 year old nephew. I also spent time with the two shih tzu dogs, one of whom was but 14 weeks old.

When we arrived at the airport on Sunday, the line to check in bags was frightfully long, but we made our flight in very good order. We saw the snow down below from our vantage way up above. Then, over Oklahoma, there was no snow.

I worked today, and I will work tomorrow. I like to work the week after Christmas, as the phone does not ring very often then. We are supposed to have snow tomorrow.

I realized at lunch that I did not have a single gingerbread man this xmas. I went to Casa Linda Bakery to remedy that--but it is closed until January 4. Some ginger is not meant to bread.

Christmas Beef Tenderloin
Elk in the Snow, rural kansas
Pip, Shih Tzu dog
Christmas centerpiece
aerial view of snowfields

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