Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

When exuberance turns to realization, plus an Important Poll

I am not at my most careful at 2 in the morning. Last night, I was on some adrenalin and caffeine high, assiduously finishing the mix down from 4 track to 2 track of the cool music which Scott M and I did last month. I carefully recorded, and then listened, recorded and then listened. When I was done, I thought that I had two "mixed" tapes ready to be burned on CD. This morning, I opened presents that my wife had gotten me for my birthday last week, and then we settled in to "premiere" for her the album.
The first few songs were so fun! They were spontaneous, unedited, odd, and weird in the very best way. Then, after a half dozen songs or so, I had clearly made mixing errors. Songs repeated. One song, called "Gladiator Song", was all rhythm track (if a triangle, a slide whistle and an electric football field may loosely be called 'rhythm'), and no melody track (assuming two kazoos can be 'melody'). Some songs were lost altogether in the mix.

In short, this whole 4 to 2 track mixing is so simple, yet I must entirely do it over. This reminds me of why I do not do crafts things as often as others do. I get very frustrated when I work hard yet make simple, stupid mistakes. But I'm going to remix again, this time all at one sitting, and this time checking my work more carefully as I go on.

I was going to take the weekend off work, but now I find I have too much to do. So it's off to a shower and then to the office. I've work to revise and documents to generate.
I see I've pontificated a time or so here on LJ already this morning, so perhaps this setback is an appropriate chastening. For every moment of grace, perhaps a moment of trivial damnation is in order. I almost even commented to a joke I found offensive today how offensive I found it. That's getting carried away a bit.

I do have the gift of redemptive music, though. I am grateful today that I have new music to listen to! Good music. That helps.

But for those of you whom I know here on LJ, here is my latest "poll" question....


Assume that your birthday was last week. Assume that you got a cool 25 dollar gift certificate from a cool sibling, to purchase whatever your heart desires on Amazon. What would you pick? Why? Documentation to all, prizes to none.
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