Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

on small things

Yesterday I went to the Office Depot near my office. I needed a webcam. I expected webcam pricing to resemble video camera pricing--with very inexpensive versions and very expensive versions. Yet I found that a baseline model was 30 dollars and a HD model was only 60 dollars. I opted for the HD version. I then installed Skype at my office and the webcam software. The webcam software proved to be time-consuming to install.

Today if all goes well, I'll be on a video conference call with the folks at the RAM Galleri in Oslo, for the opening of the White Cube Remix sound installation. The mp3 player arrived in Oslo on Tuesday. Also, we've been delighted that ten videos have been made with White Cube Remix songs. My co-moderator, Sackjo22, and I are keeping a weblog called The White Cube Remix,, where we document what we are about and the resulting creative work. I had my first video conference with Sackjo22 yesterday. She works as a paralegal in a California law firm, so each of us was mid-work-day amid legal papers as we planned out a few details of the project. It's good, in this virtual world, to actually see someone with whom you've collaborated on projects.

Last night my wife returned from a short business trip to New Orleans, with tales of good food and nice people. Last night also I noticed our Christmas tree had toppled over. No dog confessed. I am not sure if the cause was canine or gravitational. Only one ornament was lost, of little value. We stopped buying exquisite German ornaments in our first year or so of marriage when we realized that such ornaments suffer from a death wish. The quilted ornament, by the way, suffered no injury.

A magazine I bought about world music came with a CD which featured some cool tunes, including one in gaelic by a pure-voiced singer and a stinging rocker featuring an electrified African lute. I've been re-reading Rumpole of the Bailey short stories. I love that kind of light, amusing, witty fiction. Night before last, I was going to go to bed at a reasonable hour, until I saw that "Fly Away Home" was on. It is the small film in which a father/daughter team teach Canada geese how to follow an ultra-light aicraft south. I love little, heart-warming movies like that, particularly if they have a little eccentricity about them. I am all for movie-makers making what the people want, but I sometimes think it would be cool if the people wanted more movies like that.

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