Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

o tanenbaum

Last night we dined with friends at Giovanni's, a Persian/Italian place. I had minestrone and chicken kebab with berry sauce on the rice. I pondered aloud how I memorized both Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and the Longellow poem "Evangeline" in my school days, but remember no verses of "Evangeline", and only, instead a mangled bit of the plot. Then I reflected my chagrin to learn that the village smithy "under the spreading chestnut tree" is a building rather than a man, whereupon my friend Scott imitated a man standing tall, under-tree.

Today I worked on making a cool mix CD, which was fun, because I usually only make CDs for rough "send to someone to put on a recording" purposes, and not with an eye towards a finished product. Also, someone on twitter befriended me to say "I like your work on ccMixter", and a ambient radio program just added several of my songs to my playlist.

My favorite artistic achievement, though, is that every year a primitive recording of me playing "we wish you a merry christmas" on the kazoo is on the live365 'cracked christmas' show. Songs are like bread, you throw them on the water, and you never know which odd duckling will eat the crumbs.

Christmas Tree 2009

In other news, we chose a Christmas tree and decorated it today after church and lunch. We chose to have a live tree this year. My favorite ornaments are Oscar the Grouch and a lot of wooden cheap-o ornaments we got our first xmas. My wife also put up a wonderful garland on the fireplace, and decorated the house with the little elven standing dolls that crafty folks in her family made.

It turned warm for an instant, so I walked at Allen Station Park and watched cute, wren-like little birds. I thought I saw a woodpecker in the woods, but it flew off before I could tell if it was a red headed, a red bellied or a pileated.

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