Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

pumpkin roll

Gingerbread man

Did you ever see a ghost light? I have. They're like huge, transparent things, hovering in mid-air, colored
in primary colors. You see them above railroad tracks, on dark nights, off in the distance. They can't exist, they can't be real, and they can't be ghostly, but there they are, hovering overhead, just out of reach.

I think of lots of things the same way I think of ghost lights--amazing, impossible, and yet oddly real.
Take orchids, for example--an impossibility but a reality. The ring-tailed cat is another, as is as a deeply purple amethyst.

A wonderful holiday is much the same--unlikely assortments of people and food, linked by tradition and biological ties, somehow muddling through into an impossible but sometimes quite satisfying day.
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