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We set our plans in stone. We rise early Thursday and drive 180 miles to Texarkana, where we will pick up my father's wife's daughter, whom we like. Then we drive sixty more miles to Camden, where I finished high school, to have a Thanksgiving dinner. I believe that my brother and his family will be there, but my sister will be at her home in Alabama. We'll dine on turkey, which I love, but I will seek to be immoderate only in moderate ways this year. We'll drive back on Friday evening, and spend Saturday and Sunday upon rest and leisure.

I like these Autumn and Winter holidays. They have a harvest/renewal element that's appealing. They also have a great metaphoric angle, about looking for the light. I like the idea that we must recognize the darkness but look for the light.

searching for daylight

I think lately about things I used to love to eat that I rarely eat anymore. Most of them are things I largely gave up for health reasons. Here are a few;

1. Mayonaisse
2. Bologna
3. Salami
4. Summer sausage
5. Chocolate chip cookies
6. Quarter pounders with cheese
7. Snickers bars
8. Moon pies
9. Chicken-fried steak
10. Chocolate pie

On any given day, I might choose to eat any of these things. On most days, though, I will no longer eat those things. I don't miss any of them very much.

I am thankful that I do not long for these material things I used to crave.

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