Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

minor plot points

Friday evening we tried out a new Thai cafe which opened among the many new businesses in neighboring Fairview. The cafe followed what I think of as the Which Which sandwich chain way of ordering--one filled out a little form and turned it in to place one's order. The food proved very good--not at all greasy, with the vegetables tasting very fresh. This cafe was our second choice for the evening. We originally went to a sports bar called Dodie's. We promptly left due to a combination of obnoxiously loud distorted music in an acoustically unprepared place and a routine in which 2 kids nearly ran over me rather than go around the customer (me) at the check-in table. Everyone one looks in our town, a little frozen yogurt shop springs up, based on the premise "we weigh what you pick and charge you by the ounce". We picked up modest ounces of yogurt and dined like frozen royalty.

Saturday I drove with a friend into Dallas. We went to Good Records. Good Records is in "lowest Greenville", that part of town with cafes and music venue, once the "hip" part of town. Although I had known of Good Records for years, I did not remember having visited it. It had a good moderate-sized collection, and a helpful fellow behind the counter. We bought a couple of CDs, and then went for a nice walk at Spring Creek Trail in Richardson. Then we went to lunch.

We lunched at the new Grand Buffet in McKinney. Chinese buffet places are ubiquitous here. I had head that this one was better than the median restaurant. The hearsay proved reliable, because the restaurant's Mongolian BBQ grill, included in the modest all-you-can-eat price, was great, and the sushi was fresh and tasty.

My wife and I went at 5 to "Where the Wild Things Are", which we enjoyed. I expected the movie to be good, but the movie particularly pleased me because it got in there, did what it was supposed to do, and then got out of there. I like my movies to be small commando squads rather than large invading armies. Also, the Telly Salvalas character in "The Dirty Dozen" always irritated me. Apart from being a twisted pseudo-religious murdering scoundrel, he wasted needless time and plot points.

We dined on tortilla soup and scrambled eggs at Cafe Brazil, and then drove home. We each stayed up very late, as my wife worked on a work project and I had little inclination to sleep. I am glad we have Sunday for a day of rest.

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