Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

stormy weather

Today I drove to east Texas for a work matter. I saw the aftermath of two accidents on I-20. One involved a single 18-wheel truck, laying down a small slope, on the side of the road. The other involved more than one vehicle, including an 18-wheel truck, but the various participants seemed pretty fender-bender-y rather than scary.

I was not surprised by these melees', as the rain storm cried out danger, and I kept my distance from other vehicles as best as I could.

I ate lunch at a place called Texas' Best BBQ, located in one of those huge gas stations with lots of amenities.
I liked that just down the hall a woman at a huge counter of jerky products offered me a free sample of turkey jerky.

A small circus tent stood by a sign "Holy Ghost Revival, this week", and I wondered if the attendance would be dampened by the rains. A banner in a small downtown proclaimed that the actor Kirk Cameron was going to make a live appearance. I thought to myself that the forces of anti-science are strong, and they have sitcom cred.
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