Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

former residents

Tonight after work I drove to the Jimmy John sandwich place in Plano. I ate a roast beef sandwich and read a book about Glen Gould. Then I drove to the Allen Public Libary. I checked out a biography of birder Roger Tory Peterson and a Cambridge Book of Music.

I headed to the library auditorium to hear a presentation by W.W. "Dub" Crook. Mr. Crook is an ExxonMobil fellow now from Houston whose hobby is archaeology. That was also his dad's hobby. He published some 46 articles on the subject. Among his fields of specialty is a study of the early people in our Collin County, Texas. He had great slides of atl-atl dart heads and arrowheads, and of pottery found here but originated in the Pueblo in New Mexico, over nine hundred miles away. Even though no permanent settlements are thought to have been here since 1400 A.D. or so, he had fascinating stories to tell.

He told us that the Bois D'Arc tree is a kind of cousin to the yew tree, and that both make great bows for archery. His theory is that the local groups on the East Fork of the Trinity River were distinct from both the Caddo to the east and the other groups to the west, based upon their different artifacts. He believes the local group made its living trading wood for pottery and similar things. The talk was fascinating, even given the limited information available. I was intrigued to hear that most of the villages are buried now under Lake Lavon. I was even more intrigued to see the location of the Sister Grove site. It is in a part of the Sister Grove creek area on which I walked in 2006, filming a little youtube called "Drought in north Texas". I learned that a pit-and-rim settlement was within easy access of where I was then.

Three distinct groups of people lived here in a thousand year span before the anglos arrived. They are given names such as paleohistoric, archaic and pre-historic, but those are placeholders. The true story must be complex, and fascinating, and sad, and amazing.

I was impressed that some 50 to 60 local folks attended, and asked very good questions. I was pleased the predicted storm did not arrive before my drive home.

We watched Project Runway on television, which we enjoyed. I like the way the show rewards effort, skilled sewing and resourcefulness, and disfavors sloth, the easy way out, and shoddy work.

I woke at dawn this morning (as I often do) hoping to see Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in close alignment. I saw instead clouds as far as I could see.

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