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I think about the undue influence wielded by the "right time". So many great achievements await only the right time to perform them. Time works in such a funny way. Time gives one the space, say, to play Playstation (or whatever--my own distraction is different) for hours, but then arbitrarily denies one the time to work on a treasured creative project.

Time often conspires with that felon circumstance to suppress the enjoyment of life wherever it might otherwise be found. Circumstance joins in the conspiracy to ensure that whenever time needs a rest, then the situation will otherwise be unfavorable. Circumstances have a way of being different for every person, which is handy, for example, for water cooler conversation about why one is not doing what one wishes to do.

Beyond time and circumstance, there hovers the ghost far more fearsome than any Dickens creation. It is the ghost of unbelief. I don't mean the casual unbelief in deities or institutions, which is another topic for a post about another thing. I mean instead the moral certainty that people reach that they cannot achieve anything. Often, you see, it is because they live in a small town with no opportunity, or in a large town, with so many people seeking opportunity, or in a middle size town in which every opportunity is not really an opportunity, if one only understands. I like, too, that Unbelief has a step-child called Delusion, which takes a certain number of unbelievers and embues them with the false belief they can do anything without effort or discipline. This tends to result in a pleasing stasis, a kind of timeless state beloved by Time.

Time and its friends serve an important function. They provide cynicism, despair and ennui, just where they are needed most.
Like the amphibians, those exposed to them tend to have their toes webbed all wrong, or to have a slight miscount in some essential genetic trait.

After all, if people did the things they intend to do, then the world might get a little colorful decoration and joyful noise. Nature, contrary to popular myth, prefers a vacuum, and it's about time to ensure nothing happens.


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