Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Fifteen small things

1. winning a cake walk--twice. choosing the german chocolate cake each time.
2. watching orb spiders weave in mid-air.
3. the scent of Swedish forests as we sailed into Stockholm.
4. being chosen to win a merit award as 'physical education' student of the year.
5. getting a photo of a butterfly on my leg
6. seeing a little bear cub in mid-day in the mountains
7. the taste of a cinnamon roll from a now-departed donut shop in Mesquite, Texas
8. passing the [open book] patent bar examination thanks to a home-made index to
the self-study guide I bought.
9. winning a 5 dollar prize and then an honorable mention in a cartoon caption contest when I was 8 years old.
10. getting my music into films and radio shows.
11. living in a place where I see lots of simple, wonderful things like this:

september wildflower

12. living in a town with a ghost light.
13. evading the Graveyard Gang at Halloween.
14. winning a part in a small town community theater production of "The King and I", using "let's go fly a kite' as an audition song.
15. watching weasels in Whistler.

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