Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

There, and back again

Two days of productive meetings, and now I am only a quick meal away from getting a ride to the airport for my flight. I take a red-eye flight tonight, getting into Dallas at 4:30 a.m. Tomorrow I have much to do, but many of the stressors that made my life a bit more difficult of late seem to be on the definite mend.
I love that sort of "arrive in Dallas at dawn" feeling; that sense of being someplace when all the "there" is asleep, and only myself and commercial trucks stand between sleep and emptiness. I will drive home, catch a few more hours' sleep, and then plunge into yet another work Thursday. I have travelled heavily during much of my career, and the airplane is like a second home to me sometimes. I do not travel nearly so much anymore, but this busy travel is like a long lost classmate, not quite a bosom buddy, but not an enemy, either.

I am so eager for the weekend. I feel as though I have a lot of hobby type projects that I have placed on hold. I do not wish to live my life on hold. I wish to live my life as if every thing I mean to do, I will do, and that I will set up what I mean to do with a dual sense of seeking meaning and endless fun.
I wish my execution met my goals--but how will I achieve goals if I don't set any?

Maybe it's all some Tao thing--the more I try, the less I do. But in my life,
trying seems important, somehow, and I dread complacency.

But I hear dinner and an airline calling now.....

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