Robert (gurdonark) wrote,



1. heard from one old friend that another old friend, of whom I am quite fond but have lost touch, just got a cool new job transfer to a mountain town and is going to marry his long-standing love.
2. got an incredibly detailed view of a red-shouldered hawk during a birding walk at a meadow near our home.
3. ate divine macaroons while picking up lunch to go from the little cafe near our home at which my wife is a regular, because my wife's mild cold kept her indoors.
4. watched the movie "Ponyo", which I found delightful in every particular.
5. watched the movie "Milk", which was inspiring and well-acted.
6. listened to Ravel's "Bolero" on the radio.
7. picked up pulled pork and brisket as take-out for dinner.
8. enjoyed a lute recording by Nigel North and ambient tracks by Diatonis and Deepspace.
9. woke up at 2 in the morning and spent an hour in the chat room during the NTNS
experimental sound radio program.
10. saw two large giant swallowtails.
11. read a sci fi space opera--still in progress.
12. rented more movies.
13. made a mental note to get a splitter for purposes of dual portable DVD listening;
14. wrote an impassioned weblog comment about the importance of hyper-local media as a way to
inspire audiences for local cultural events--and thought about the small-town booster-ist newspaper as
the one true precursor to the internet social network site;
15. got an e-mail from a poet suggesting that I set a poem in English by a cool Dutchwoman to music. Though I do not often work with vocals, I have in mind a singer who, like me, is inclined to create individually rather than be some kind of organ-grinder's monkey for on-demand product, who might be ideal for the project.
16. tried an offbeat yogurt place in which one serves oneself and then one's cup is weighed.

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