Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


Govern yourself accordingly

The day started quite early with a bit of a break-in at work. I'll leave the details out of this journal, other than to say that we came through a building-wide incident annoyed and a bit dispossesed of some belongings but all right in the ways that matter for our business. Things like this make one glad that one has systems to deal with data, and lets one focus on ways to improve security and systems redundancy. We took good steps already, and we'll take even better steps now to deal with this issue. In my own case, one virtue of never owning new technology is that it allows such incidents to be virtually non-scathing.

I worked very hard today, because I have a lot of work travel coming up over the next few days. The cities are both places I like to visit, but the nature of the travel will mean that the visits will be purely business. I had lots of help from supportive staff members and colleagues.

I listened on the drive home to Nancarrow and "In C", and then read a short essay on Palestrina. We watched part of the Frost interview of Nixon. The cross-examiner in me enjoyed seeing a line of inquiry succeed.
I think of dawn meteors, of mysteries unread (and hence unsolved) and an upcoming Saturday in nearby mountains.
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