Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

on gulls

a single gull
"[T]hink how many things the gull does that we cannot do—how he has mastered the arts of flying and floating, so that he is equally at home in the air and on the water; how cleverly he adapts himself to his environment, keeping warm among the ice-floes in winter and cool when all the rest of the folks at the summer watering-places are sweltering in the heat; how well he holds his own against the encroachments of that grasping animal, man, who has driven so many other wild creatures to the wall, and over it into extinction; how prudently he accepts and utilizes all the devices of civilization which suit him, (such as steamship-lanes across the Atlantic, and dumping-scows in city harbors, and fish-oil factories on the seashore), without becoming in the least civilized himself"--Henry Van Dyck

If you visit one of our nearby lakes, you are apt to see seagulls. I read once that more seagulls live on lakes than live at sea. I have not counted to see if that is true.

White Rock Lake is a large lake with lots of seagulls. I read a suggestion that one scan the seagulls, to see if a rare seagull might lurk among the common variety.

I find a metaphor in that. It's so easy to scan entirely charming wonderful, and available things--in search of something elusive, and not really much different from what is at hand.

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