Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

lost in simple steps

checkerspot butterfly, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

"I am as a long-lost boy that went
At dusk to bring the cattle to the bars,
And was not found again, though Heaven lent
His mother all the stars"--James Whitcomb Riley

Yesterday I listened to a continuing legal education seminar about estate planning for one's pets.

I will spare this post the legal jargon. One thing struck me, though--the way that simple steps can make a difference. One suggestion from the Humane Society was for the pet owner to carry a laminated card with her or his other cards. Then, if anything untoward happened, people would know to look for the pets. Similarly, a small sign on the wall in one's home could have the same purpose. I plan to put some of these steps into practice.

I had one of those road-trips planned today which became unnecessary due to a cell phone call when I reached the airport.
Tonight I listened to music and shared popcorn with my dogs, while my wife attended a club meeting.

I tentatively identified the butterfly present in droves in our back yard as the "fiery skipper". I hope next Spring to try some different plantings to try to increase our lepidoptrous diversity.

I read tonight of microtonalism, and country lanes.


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