Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

courtesy as rare as a red-headed woodpecker

Red headed-woodpecker in pencil silhouette effect

This morning I went hiking and birding at the Heard Natural Science Center. My bird list is not extensive, as I am not a twitcher at heart. But I was impressed by each of the following delightful birds:
a. ruby-throated hummingbird;
b. eastern bluebird;
c. carolina chickadee;
and in particular a long, wonderful watch of a red-headed woodpecker. The woodpecker alighted on many dead tree branches high above a wetlands, where I watched him from a boardwalk. I got to view him for a long time.

I took lots of pictures of him, with his luxuriously red head, but none of them came out all that well. But I took one and used photo effects to show how cool his profile looked on a sunny morning.

I did get lots of great butterfly shots, and one of a huge cicada.

Hard-working boy scouts were busy fixing the boardwalk trail. I was impressed.

My wife and I went to the car dealerships to hunt for a new car for her. Here is a miracle; at 3 different dealerships,we encountered courtesy, informative salespeople, good pricing, high-quality vehicles, and
a total absence of sales pressure. This economic downturn may change the way car dealerships work.

Tonight we go with friends to a restaurant which offers a huge and tasty Persian buffet.The challenge will be to eat moderately--because eating well is assured.
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