Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

texas tarkus rain reverie

When I arrived at the Heard Natural Science Center, I was delighted to see three hummingbirds at play in the wildflower garden. After I left the butterfly house,

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

I got on the bluestem trail. Although it was mid-afternoon, I made this delightful new friend:

Armadillo 1

Unfortunately, my video camera was set on "macro" so that my moving images are all too blurry to share.

My 35 dollar vidcam has captured lots of moving footage lately, though, so I combined it with a very up-tempo accompaniment to a poem by Eshar and put it all right here in a video themed around movement.

I'm thinking tonight with hope and a bit of worry about relatives who have had recent health challenges, and yet also about the joys of a July rainstorm.

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