Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


tough teddy

"I was a queen of yellow leaves and brown,
And the redness of my fairy ring
Kept me warm".--Hilda Conkling

I rose early today to go to the Dallas neighborhood of Oak Cliff for a meeting related to my work. I drove on Highway 67, a highway I associate with my childhood, as it proceeds north hundreds of miles
and eventually comes to Gurdon, Arkansas. Today, though, I headed west, where the road is Called the Marvin D. Love Freeway.
If one follows Highway 67 on south, one comes to the town of Glen Rose, where a nearby state park allows one to place one's feet in dinosaur tracks.

When I arrived home, our dogs Ted and Bea greeted me. Ted,age 14,likes to rough-house. Bea, of uncertain age but perhaps 9 or so, likes to have her ball thrown.
It's a pleasing thing that small things can make a big difference.

The news on television advised that the Dallas Public Library cut back its new book acquisition budget by some huge percentage. I thought how our little suburban library, no doubt better off, still could probably use more contributions to its "friends of the library" group.
I found a rescue group called the tzuzoo locally, to which I paypaled a little money, because displaced dogs break my heart.

The press of my work, uncommonly busy as can be the case in a down economy, caused me to rethink a planned European trip and plan instead for a Colorado trip.
On the one hand, it seems sad to travel when others are out of work. On the other hand, if we all stop consuming,then the problem perpetuates. I opt for a middle ground.
I want to research the term "AVI", and also read about August flowers.

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