Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Blue hairstreak fantasy

Blue hairstreak fantasy, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Today I could not resist the 35 dollar video camera at Big Lots. I love outmoded technology in all its lo-fi ways.

Tonight we went to the Market Street grocery for a fine meal (my wife: an exquisite-looking chopped salad; me: two slices of cheese pizza and fresh fruit). We walked around the little shopping area nearby. I held our soft drinks while my wife investigated a store devoted to the proposition that jeans should be more elaborate (and more elaborately priced) than the workaday. I wish I still owned a pair of overalls--and a yellow raincoat with a rain hat.

We stopped at Radio Shack for batteries and an SD card. The man who waited on us at the Allen Radio Shack, a former Marine, waited on us with interest and aplomb, though we were not big-ticket buyers.
I appreciate good service as one of the most gracious courtesies.

In our backyard, a blue hairstreak butterfly stayed on top of the black-eyed susan for minutes on end, leaving me the joy of my point and shoot camera in all its wonder and limitations.

Tomorrow I try out the new Chinese videocam.

Tonight I played with a new freeware softsynth named Felix, which is quite simple and fun.

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