Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

transcendentalist 4

Dragonfly on a Texas 4th of July

Today I drove to Trinity Trail, the long trail by Lake Lavon, some twenty minutes from my home. This trail features lots of open fields and some scraggle woods.

Cardinals sang in the trees:

cardinal 2

I walked about 80 minutes in the Texas heat, past scenes of flatlands and a lake.

lake lavon

I enjoyed myself. We saw the movie "Up" today as well [charming, visually wonderful, a good story, and yet I'd have removed its 'villain' and its central plot tension, and made the film a voyage of sheer wonder]. We had a fine dinner of tandoori, okra and spinach at Iravat, our favorite Indian restaurant.

In honor of the 4th of July, I took a 19 Century public domain peace song by J.S. Dwight, one of the transcendentalists, called "God Bless Our Land". Weeks ago, I asked my friend who performs at ccmixter as Sackjo22 and my friend named Lucas Gonze to provide voice and guitar, respectively, to which I would add a synth and field recordings and make a new version. I was very happy with the vocals and guitar, and managed to put them together in a gurdonarkian way here:

Song: God Bless Our Land"

I played a lot with the Tunafish sequencer tonight, which is one of the easiest ways to make computer/electronic music known to humankind, and costs only 30 dollars to buy. I have had it for a year or two, but I had forgotten how easily it programs. It's almost as easy as Sawcutter 2.0, my favorite synthesizer, and almost as cheap--but it's a good bit more versatile, while still being very elementary.

Now I'm sitting with my headphones on listening to my favorite Creative Commons internet radio broadcast, Stillstream, and enjoying the passing of the day. I am grateful to have the things I have and to live in the country in which I live. I am sad that others live in want and fear. My prayer for everyone is a clear and green paths ahead:

trinity trail
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