Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A Grain of Sugar

A Grain of Sugar, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Folks get caught up in things sometimes. I remember once I had access to a baster full of peanut butter cookie dough. That sounds heavenly, but in fact I made myself so sick of this particular stripe of cookie that I could not eat that variety for years. When I was eating all that dough, I must have been telling myself a great story about how good it was to eat. That's the trouble with story-telling animals. They convince themselves that any thrill is good until it proves not to be--and then they pronounce a great moral lesson learned in an instant. Cookie dough turns into fortune cookie. The proverb is curled up inside.

Today the governor of South Carolina publicly confessed marital infidelity involving a rather absurd train of events leading him to Argentina in ardent pursuit of his ardent desires. Lots of talking heads are pontificating, and more than a few of the particular politician's own hypocrises are coming to light. Yet I think that folks who pontificate too much from some moral high ground act a bit too high and mighty for my taste. Everyone who is human understands what poor choices people make, and how human such errors are.
The robots may be exceptions. Leave the moralizing to them.

I have no great moral to present from the foibles of this fellow--other than perhaps to focus on one's hobbies, and try to live with as much
humility and simple kindness as one can. Everyone errs. I'd rather eat a grain of sugar than a feast of schadenfreude.


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