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Life should be user-friendly

Life should be user-friendly, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

I figured out how to get the computer back up in safe mode, although I have not figured out how to get my "My Music" folder files recaptures (and may have unintentionally actively dispensed with these files).

Nonetheless, I am grateful for each of the following:
a. I got an external hard drive which has captured my most fun files for the past x months, leaving only those music files I did not transition over to the external hard drive as potentially lost;
b. I regularly upload mp3s of finished songs and of photos to external hosting sites, meaning that I will not lose the ones so posted even in the worst extreme;
c. CPUs are so inexpensive that it's not going to be hard to replace this one.

I would have long ago switched CPUs when the current platform began to wear out but for the Vista introduction. I was concerned that a couple of my favorite bits of shareware would not work with Vista.
I wish, though, that I could make my system stay in operating shape (and recover the music files) until Windows 7 comes out. Its XP emulator might be just the solution.

I do wonder whether it is a virus or a system flaw that set me back these recent weeks. I had noticed that Mozilla firefox crashed too often, suggesting something was not in ideal order.

Still, if the worst thing in my life is this particular crisis, I'm all right.


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