Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

elusive backyard lantana

Today I rose reasonably early to head to the nearby dry cleaners to pick up my dress shirts. I like to get dress shirts folded rather than on hangers, because when I travel the folded shirts pack so nicely into my bag. After I picked up the four little bags of shirts, I drove over to Allen Station Park. I walked the nature trail, binoculars and camera in hand. I saw lots of chickadees, some robins, a crow, some mockingbirds, and a colorful western kingbird, who flew from small tree to small tree, and then alighted on the border of a horseshoe pit.

Western Kingbird.

I liked the little butterfly in the grass:


In our back yard, I could not get a good snapshot of the little grass skipper butterflies on our blooming lantanas. But I was able to snap a workable shot of the coneflower now in bloom:

purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)

After the walk, I watched a show on Animal Planet about german short-haired pointer dogs, in which all the dogs were overcoming adversity, taking long swims, rescuing lost elderly people in the woods, or doing other noteworthy things.

I worked a bit this afternoon. I had meant to go to the Car Toys store to look for a car stereo, but I fell asleep in the mid-afternoon, and slept until nearly 6.

I cleaned out my car. I took my car to the TradeMark car wash, where "the works" means that they give one's car thorough attention, inside and out. Then we went to dinner at the Mexi-Go restaurant, where the food is always good.
We took Ted and Bea for a walk around the pond at Glendover Park, and called it an evening.

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