Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

McGee Creek

This morning I met my old friend glw at McGee Creek State Park, in rural southern Oklahoma.
As we drove to the hiking trail, we saw a large Greater Roadrunner, who flashed a bit of Spring color before high-tailing it out of sight. We also watched an eastern bluebird flying into and out of the bird box into which it nested.

Little Bugaboo Creek, McGee Wildlife Reserve in Oklahoma

The wildlife preserve trail proved shady and pleasant, with gentle inclines amid rocky soil on a day that fortunately did not prove too damp.

McGee Wildlife Reserve, Oklahoma

We heard a meadowlark singing, and watched it through binoculars.

We saw a strange yellow fungi or slime mold about whose identification I remain unsure.
Scrambled Egg Slime Mold

We were passed by a couple of dozen horse riders who seemed to be enjoying the trail.
After a two hour or so hike, we drove into Antlers, Oklahoma, "the deer capital of the world". I had two "kraut dogs" and glw had a burger and fries at the Burger Bar(n?). I mistook a dog for a coyote.
We had a great time talking, and then we each headed off for home in separate directions.

Everywhere I went I saw bluebirds today. I stopped at Loy Lake Park near Denison in Texas to watch a few, as well as a large number of flying cattle egrets.

Eastern Bluebird

I experienced a lot of small things that I liked today:
--the town whose billboard proclaimed its team the Class B Champs of 1956;
--the town whose billboard claim to fame featured a long-ago barrel racing champion;
--the sublime joy of really rural old-time southern gospel radio music, with all of the insistent chorus and rhythm and none of the saccharine of more commercial modern fare;
--the man of medium height named Shorty;
--the sleek cowbirdiness of the brown-headed cowbirds;
--the sound of my friend glw using a hickory-nut shell to make a whistling sound;
--a huge bird with a yellow underbelly, a seagull's eye, and a sprig of greenery in its mouth I spotted but could not identify in Denison;
--great conversation and catching up;
--the billboard proclaiming that the Choctaw Nation is going green;
--a winery and also a guest ranch in the middle of nearly nowhere;
--all the turtles crossing the road as if on a mission, all day long;
--a handsome mule in a field;
--the name and the look of the Muddy Boggy Creek.

It was a fun day. I scouted out locales for a future visit with a young friend.

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