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If I were a different person than I am, then all the music I make might sound like the ambient equivalent of a symphony. If I were yet a different person than I am, all the music I make might sound like a folk song, the second set of what Joan Baez recorded in a hotel room in the early 1960s.

I am the person I am, though, and my work often has a frenetic novelty cast. These instrumental bits of madcap, though, often end up as the soundtrack to viral video presentations.

Here, the French artist Florence Artur used my song "Caper" as the soundtrack to this fascinating bit of
abstract animation. "Caper" is a melody I created on my computer software synthesizer, using two samples of guitars, a sample of kitchenware used as percussion, and a bit of synthesizer (sample credits: pitx, fourtrack, Institute of Contemporary Music and morosque, all of the ccmixter set).

I really think this is a fun bit of abstract art--the artist intends no particular image or emotion, but it's tricky for me, as a viewer to resist "seeing things" in the images, as if they were clouds.

"Caper" the song, by the way, is intended to come from that emotional place where "zany" is stored. It followed a burst of listening to 70s progressive rock by a band called Gentle Giant, though it sounds nothing like a Gentle Giant song:

Caper from Florence Artur on Vimeo.


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