Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

walking Arbor Hills

Today I visited Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, in nearby Plano, Texas. I will set forth in this journal what I saw on a cloudy Saturday.

As I walked in the warm, gray air, I thought I saw an eastern bluebird, in vigorous song. When I came closer,
I saw instead a painted bunting.

Painted Bunting 5

He sang for fifteen minutes or more as I watched, permitting me to see him exquisitely well through my binoculars, and take photographs which came out less well.

The lateness of the Spring rains deprived us of our usual Texas wildflower explosion, but today the Engelmann daisies were out in suitable profusion:

Engelmann's Daisy (3)

The scissortailed flycatchers hovered at low altitudes, chasing insects. This picture fails to show their vivid frontal color:

Scissortail Flycatcher.

The modest hills permitted a near-panoramic greenery view:

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Panorama

I enjoyed the pleasant mix of trees and flowers:

May 2, Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

As imminent inclement weather hovered in the immediate future, it surprised me a bit that so many people and their charming canines were in attendance. Still, this park always has tons of places to seek secluded vistas:

Trail vista, Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Creeks that will later dry were watery today.

Creek Way at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Miniature Waterfall

I watched a small bullhead catfish navigate a shallow section of creek.

Lots of verbena was in bloom:

Verbena 2

No nature scene would be complete, of course, without the ubiquitous grackle:

Great Tailed Grackle, Arbor Hills in Spring

I walked around in a hazy state of wonder, just enjoying everything I saw:

Scissortailed Flycatcher 2

Afterwards, I bought used books. After I reached home, the rain came down in vivid sheets. I was glad to get a great walk in this morning before the thunderstorm arrived.

My modest bird list:

red-bellied woodpecker
painted bunting
great blue heron
great-tailed grackle
scissor-tailed flycatcher
blue jay
American crow

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