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tandoori chill

Shall we walk in the park?

Today I arose, as is customary, long prior to the time that my wife arose. I thought we were out of milk (it turned out I just missed the second carton). I therefore drove to Max's Donut Shop. However, the morning was a bit advanced, so that I arrived there after the cinnamon rolls were gone. I decided to head over to nearby Mimi's, a pleasant chain eatery, for the oatmeal, but there were even more cars than grackles there. So I went instead to Sunny Donuts, where I found the cinnamon roll I desired.

I drove to Hobby Lobby, where I purchased some microscope slides, as I want to photograph more microscope images and wanted a slide with a little concave well in it for protozoic purposes. Then I went to the little Arts and Music sheet music and band instrument store that opened recently nearby.

My music quest arose because during last night's insomnia I discovered a website by a fellow with the catchy name "Erik the Flute Maker". His website contained instructions for how to play a lot of instruments. I enjoyed his youtube about playing the "Kiowa Love Flute", if for no other reason that it made me look up the wikipedia entry so that I might understand better the term "pentatonic".

I also learned how to finger and play the pennywhistle I bought in Pittsburgh last year. Now I am able to play each pitch and finger a simple song. With practice, I'll be capable of decent play in a matter of months. It turns out that pennywhistle, like can-jo or the autoharp or mountain dulcimer, is something anyone can play easily, though ultimate mastery requires a lot of work.

I like these simpler instruments that reward simple effort with the ability to quickly play complete songs. I suspect that the theremin and the Chapman Stick are not so giving. I know the piano held more mysteries than I ever fathomed, if we take a few juvenalia minuets I learned (and a rather bad version of "Hello, It's Me") aside.

So I stopped into the music store in search of a songbook of pennywhistle songs, only to find but a single book too beginner for even me there. The store did have a good little book on the theory of song-writing which talked about scales for jazz and blues, which I bought. Then I headed home.

My wife and I presently went to the afore-mentioned Mimi's for lunch, where I dined on a beef dip sandwich.
Today was quite chilly, with winds north of 30 m.p.h. and temperatures well south of 45 degrees. For some reason, near Easter we always get a parting blast of rain and chill.

My dogs were delighted when I bundled up to take them for a walk. They did not mind the cold at all. They were very interested in the male and female mallard swimming in the pond. I loved the little woodpecker we saw on one of the trees, about eye level, and the numerous barn swallows dive-bombing the pond for food. The chill weather did not slow anyone one bit.

My wife and I had a delightful dinner tonight with tx_cronopio, in which we discussed her cool new weekend temporary job, the odd thing which is livejournal, our views on the state of our nation, the fun which is family, the "why twitter" question (I am now quite a fan of twitter) and all the other sundry and exciting things that go well with tandoori and naan. We all had a great time. I even got "this close" to a male mockingbird in a small tree as we entered the restaurant. I quickly took a picture, but "whooosh!", his image is a blur.

Tomorrow I had planned to take the train into Dallas for a free recorder concert at the public library, now I am debating whether to just rest the day away (after church) instead. This was a good Saturday, and that's before I even mention how much fun I am having at postal chess on-line.

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